Monday, 26 September 2011

Cwmcarn Ride + New Vid!

Wow... talk about wet.

Went for a solo ride today, was belting it down from the second I got there. I was soaked before I'd even set off!

Slippy conditions but still a load of fun. Managed a few technical climb sections I've never completed fully before which was a real boost! I have changed the rear tyre to a Kenda Dred Tred which seems to perfect for these conditions!

It was so wet I had to take it easy through some of the faster sections because I couldn't see due to spray! Constantly rubbing water and grit out of my eyes! I think some glasses may be in order, Lidl are having a bike wear sale soon so I'll pick some up!

Tried the contour too, impressed with the results... not the waterproofing though. A bit of water got behind the lense cover and steamed it up, fortunately its really easy to clean!

1st vid below, I'll get the one of the final decent uploaded asap (its almost 1gb!).

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