Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Gisburn Forest...

A week ago I was treated to a guided tour of Gisburn Forest by one of the trail builders (StumpyJon from Bikeradar).

It was bloody brilliant!

The trails were a mix of everything - technical climbing, technical decent, swoopy bits, rocky bits, muddy bits... I don't think it was lacking at all! I was left with a huge grin!

Met a load of friendly people on the trails, everyone on a different type of bike just enjoying the mud and wet weather.

So this weekend, i' back up there on Sunday to lend a hand with the trail building and am hoping to get there on Saturday for another ride!

If you haven't been, GO!

The P7 is on its way!!

So i've started a new build (again!).

I went up Gisburn and found that I needed a lighter trail friendly bike to attack more xc style routes, so the P7 should be a nice balance of lightweight whippet and strength, especially considering the NS weighs around 35lb!

 This time round, i'm trying to use different online shops and spending a whole load of time shopping around and finding the deals!

I've got the frame on order from SunsetMTB in Cardiff (who are excellent btw) and I should hopefully have it early next year when Orange release the new batch. Also got a free hope headset in red too!

I've also bought a set of 2010 Rockshox Revelation Race in white which are brilliant for the price (£350 from Rutland Cycling) and have just ordered a Shimano XT triple crankset + BB (from NoahsArkMTB).
I'm planning on matching the XT cranks with XT groupset (from Merlin Cycles).

I'll be getting my wheels from Chain Reaction Cycles again, and am going to stick with what I know and get some more Spank rims. This time i'm going for Spank Oozy rims built onto Hope Pro2 hubs with DT double butted spokes. Brakes are going to be Hope M4 with anodised red finishing and floating rotors.
Finishing kit is hopefully going to be from Easton in a red and black guise, so should match the scheme well!

Can't wait :D