Wednesday, 16 September 2009

On-One Scandal 29er.

Well the plan for the new ride is just getting started. I have the frame, forks, headset and all the tools but now I need the parts!

The idea is to go back to basics with the Scandal but with a modern twist.

It's going to have a 29" wheelset along with rigid carbon fibre forks and singlespeed gearing. The idea is to make the bike as light and strong as possible so that it'll be a dream to ride and perfect for some epic trails.

The frame colour is British Racing Green, so i'm planning on using gold Hope parts (such as hubs, brakes, headset, skewers and seatclam) to really make it stand out.

Here is the frame -

The carbon forks -

The gold headset ligned up in the frame -

The final spec should be something along the lines of -
On One Scandal 29er Frame (British Racing Green)

On One Carbon Forks
Controltech House Carbon Bars
Thompson Elite Stem
Thompson Masterpiece Seatpost
Gold Hope Headset
Gold Hope Pro 2 Singlesped Hubs built onto No-Tubes ZTR 355 rims
Middleburn RS7 Uno Crankset
Gold (limited edition) Hope Tech X2 brakset
17/18/19T Surly Cog on Hope Pro 2 SS Specific Hub
Gold Hope Finishing Kit

I can't wait!!!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Llandegla 13/09/2009

Went to Llandegla on Sunday for the 1st time.... what a day!
A mixed set of emotions towards the trail ranged from boredom, exhillerating fun and bloody hard work!

At first the trail was very flat, wide and smooth gently climbing up the hills... at the time we were moaning about how boring it got, but in hindsight it was a really good warm up for what was to come...

The red route soon broke off into a valley, where we were greeted by a nice set of jumps and quick but fairly rocky singletrack down to the valley floor and up the other side.. The climb was ok on the heavy bike, with the seat raised it wasn't much of a challenge.

We then came across the black section at Llandegla that turned into one of the most enjoyable pieces of trail i've ever been on... it was too technical, however it was very very fast and had some superbly placed jumps and drops. There were a few climbs here and there that were really quite steep, however the downward reward was very enjoyable!
The high boardwalk was a great feature, we did it twice to have a go at dropping the end of it... this was spoiled somewhat by the two cocks that had decided to stop right at the base of the drop... WHAT WERE YOU DOING!!!

We then joined the red which turned into one of the hardest homeward sloggs i've experienced... it wasn't very interesting trail and  was fairly steep in places which lowered morale quite a bit.
A quick stop off at the dirt jumps and back onto the red, a few features such as a long boardwalk climb and very steep decent were enjoyable but other that that it stayed fairly dull.

All in all the day was great... just disappointed by the final leg of the trail!

I'll post some video's up that my Bro took with his helmet hero as soon as I get them on disk!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

The ride-able rides...

The NS Surge..


This is my baby, my own little creation that I've nurtured into life...... and then thrown off everything and anything I could!

I built her while I was at Uni - with too much work and nothing else to do, I started to build the NS as a project to keep me occupied and to stop me twiddling my fingers.

The idea was simple.... A hard as nails hardtail, that will enjoy any sort of riding that is on offer... I think I succeeded!

The spec includes Shimano Saint brakes, cranks, rear derailleur and shifter - Saint being one of the best hardcore bike components out there.

An E13 bash protects the lovely Saint chain rings - thins took a bit of modification to fit but its well worth it!

The wheels, stem, bars and seatpost are all made by Spank... a brand that seems to be coming more into the limelight with tough products for downhill and dirt jumping.

The forks are Rockshox Domain 319 160mm... they are bloody amazing. They can take the hits, yet are supple enough to take the bike on long rides without being too stiff.

To get the think moving I use a set of Gusset Slim Jim Sealed Pedals... they're wide, low profile and bloody grippy - what more could you want?!

The Giant Defy 3...


This is a bike I know nothing about... its my little step over into the darkside.
All I know is that its light, fast and keeps me fit!
I ride this during the week, usually after work... just to keep my fitness up for when I ride the mountain bike.

I shall update with the progress of the On-One and Muddyfox soon......



First off... Welcome to my little blog!!

I'm pretty crazy when it comes to 2 wheeled leg powered machines (bikes that is!).... so I though that I'd spare my friend's and girlfriend's ears and post all my rants, thoughts and lusts regarding mountain bikes on here!

I currently own 3 bikes, and am building another as we speak..

I'm currently riding-
A Custom Built NS Surge
A Giant Defy 3 Road Bike

I'm currently building -
A Custom On-One Scandal Rigid Singlespeed 29er

I'm currently restoring/converting -
An ooooold Muddy Fox Cro-Mo Pathfinder (turning into my my budget pub/commuter hack).

I'll introduce the bikes properly at a later date!

Anyways, this is all for now.... I shall be back!!