Thursday, 15 September 2011

Boardman Update....

As its my Birthday, I figured i'd chill out with a bit of bike fettling!

I seem to have had no problems with the BB since the new bearings were installed which is good.
Everything else is still standard and untouched as planned :D

This morning I gave it a good clean and service, the brake pads were looking worse for wear so they've been changed to some sintered Superstar pads.
Also going to have to start saving for a rear tyre, its starting to look a bit like a slick tyre now... I think i've done around 250-300km all off road since buying the bike so i'm reasonably happy.

I'm really enjoying the ride of the Boardman at the moment too. Its very nice to swoop through tight switchbacks, but it really holds its own on steep descents and over TTF's such as drops and root sections.
The only thing I find is that the geometry isn't suited to getting much air, it much prefers to stay close to the ground and glide instead.

Big smiles though, the difference between the Canyon and the Boardman gives a nice mix :D

Got a ride planned on Saturday with my little bro at Whinlatter.. Just hoping that the vented helmet mount for my Coutour HD camera turns up tomorrow!

A few pics from today.. as you can see, the paint is keeping very well indeed! and its not helitaped apart from the headtube!!

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