Monday, 8 February 2010

The P7 Progress....

So, time for an update!

The P7 build is going well... and it looks like its going to be a cracking little trail bike!
Not going silly on the spec, keeping it reasonable and suitable for the frame.....
Rev forks are a perfect match in colour so I'm really please about that! The XT crankset looks top notch too!
Wheels are XT hubs with DTSwiss DB spokes build onto Mavic xm719... nice and light but nice and strong!


  1. Looks like a quality bike in the making! I'm liking the white. It'll be a nice contrast to your NS!

  2. Hi. Just discovered your Blog and I say good on ya! I just bought an Orange P7s and my mrs the Orange Diva.

    Been into road biking for a while for commuting only but wanted an MTB for AGES. The P7 was my choice of steed however all the spec as standard. I'm very leased with it. I'll be sure to check your blog every now n then for tips and maintenance info. Cheers.

    David - Congleton.
    Bike radar: davbay