Monday, 5 April 2010

Long time no see!

Been quite a while since I posted on here!
Been uber busy with work, cars and deciding what I want out of my bikes and I just haven't had time!

1st off - I have a new, more bike friendly car! Yay! It's a little pug 206, but it's much easier to carry my kit in with the bike on the back!

2nd - the NS Surge has been sold!! Well I say sold, I've split everything and all the parts have gone different ways! This has helped fund the now GORGEOUS P7 and I've got a bit left over to start saving for the next build!

3rd - as said, the P7 is almost finished!
All I'm waiting for is my brakes and saddle and it all just needs putting together... Oh and Orange have the wrong front dérailleur size listed on their site so I've had to return one and I'm awaiting the replecement :)

Off to Scotland for the 5 year (gulp) anniversary with my GF, so hopefully I'll have everything up, running and ridable within 2 weeks!

I canny wait!

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